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Find updates on Mr. Shanbag’s Shop here – and remember the DVD is now available, please spread the word to anyone who may be interested. Please share your comments and thoughts with us, we would love to hear what you think!

Update January, 2011

Mr. Shanbag’s Shop was featured in Times of India Bangalore on January 9, 2011!
See the article here:

Update December, 2010

Mr. Shanbag’s Shop is now available on DVD – just go to the page “Buy the DVD” by following the tabs above.

Update December, 2010

Mr. Shanbag’s Shop was featured in Time Out Bangalore in the December 10, 2010 edition!

See the article by following the link below:

See the article on Mr. Shanbag’s Shop

Update November, 2010
Mr. Shanbag’s Shop will be screening at the 3rdI South Asian Film Festival in San Francisco!

The screening will be part of the shorts program – Rappers, Robots and Readers:
Thursday, November 4th – 7:20pm at the Brava Theater, San Francisco.
For more details or to buy tickets, go to:

Update July, 2010
Mr. Shanbag’s Shop will be screening at the 9th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas!

The screening will be part of the shorts program – Discoveries:
Monday, July 26th – 5:00pm at the Angelika Film Center Dallas
For more details or to buy tickets, go to:

Update June, 2010
Mr. Shanbag’s Shop will be screening at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York City!

The screening will be part of the shorts program – Untold Stories:
Sunday, July 18th at 6:30pm at Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street
For more details or to buy tickets, go to:

An additional screening will take place on:
Saturday, July 24th at 1:20pm at Flushing Queens Library, 41-17 Main Street, Flushing, NY
stay tuned for more details…

Update March, 2010
Mr. Shanbag’s Shop will have its World Premier at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 2010! The film will screen as part of the shorts program Blueprints of a Generation. The program plays at Kabuki on March 14 at 1 PM and on March 18 at 6:45 PM. Look forward to seeing many of you there!

Update March 11, 2009
Premier Bookshop closed it’s doors at 46/1 Church Street, in Bangalore, in March 2009. We will always remember our special moments in the shop and chatting with Mr. Shanbag.

17 responses

3 03 2009
Kitty Thanikaimoni

I have been visiting Premier Bookshop with my father from the time I was little. The tall stacks of books on all sides facinated me and I thought they were all in chaotic disarray. However we could ask for any book and Mr. Shanbag would find it for us immediately. When I went to the shop yesterday a huge lump came to my throat. Most of the books were gone and Mr. Shanbag was at his table, still finding books from what were left for the few customers who, like me, could not resist coming to the shop one last time before the shop closed down.

23 03 2010

I saw this film at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Overall, I thought it was great at capturing what seemed to be a very important figure and place in the society of Bangalore. It’s a shame that the store had to close, but I hope the memories live on for those who visited and were a part of it. Thank you for telling us more about this lovely man and his bookstore through your film.

31 03 2010
Rahul Rao

It would be good to know if the film is going to travel (to the UK? India presumably?) and/or if it will be available for purchase.

9 06 2010

hi Rahul – we would love to screen in the UK – and will look into festivals – do you have any recommendations? i hope to take the film to Bangalore in September/October this year. yes – we will have DVDs available soon – will keep you updated! Thanks for all the support!

2 06 2010
Aparna Vinod

I watched your trailer and realised how much my life has changed since Premier shut down. I buy a stack of books each month, but when Mr. Shanbagh was around this list was both planned and on whim. If I was unsure of what a book was all about, the cheerful Mr Shanbagh would be the critic i would look to. I have never experienced this at any other book store in Bangalore … For Mr Shanbag his store was not a mere job, it was his passion. I miss premier and the world it permitted me to be a part of …
I would love to own a copy of the film. Would I be able to purschase it ? Details would be helpful.

9 06 2010

thanks Aparna – yes, we are going to have DVDs very soon – and will put an update up on the site and on our Facebook fan page – details soon!

4 08 2010


I am a volunteer with the Boston Asian American Film Festival and I wanted to ask if you were interested in submitting your film for our consideration. Our festival is slated for early November 2010, and we would love to review this film!

If you could send me an email that would be great. I wasn’t sure how best to contact you directly. Hope to hear from you soon.

7 12 2010
Balvinder Mudan


I am the short film coordinator for the Tongues on fire Asian film festival and I am interested in your film Mr Shanbag’s shop. It would be great if you consider submitting your film to our short film competition. I can send you the criteria and application form for you if you are interested in submitting your film. Send it together with a DVD of the film to our office.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Balvinder Mudan

15 12 2010

Dear Balvinder,

Thanks so much for writing – yes, please send the criteria and application form to

We’ll be in touch about the submission.


10 01 2011
Deepak & Neetha

Thanks Asha,
This documentary brings back lot of nostalgic moments of both Mr Shanbhag and the shop.

Deepak & Neetha

31 12 2011
Ajai Narendran

i owe a lot to Mr.Shanbag and Premier Bookshop for keeping me anchored to reading . A good part of my student years/ and later drifting years were spent at this bookshop discovering books that i possibly would have never come across otherwise. I have always been amazed by his ability to pick up a book buried deep within the labyrinthine heaps of books at Permier , his knowledge about books and authors as well and it is with deep gratitude i remember how kind he was in offering a handsome discount on what ever i bought from there … he in turn was encouraging reading and that has really shaped my vision of life as well. Now i collect and distribute resources in the digital form – free ! … nothing else could be a better tribute to Mr. Shanbag , the kindred spirit he is !

18 01 2012

Hi Ajai, Thanks for your comments!! Do let us know if you would like to order a copy of the DVD of Mr. Shanbag’s Shop. Have you had a chance to see the film? Look forward to hearing from you! Asha

12 10 2012

Being a booklover, I was put off by the claustrophobic atmosphere about the place. The omnipresent fear of some cascading stack falling over or on your head. You dared not invite a baleful glare from Shanbag – and thus missed out on the lower layers of each stack…

18 10 2012
Sudhir Kumar

I used to visit Mr Shanbagh’s shop quite often back in the day. Along with Shanbagh, he had an employee at the store who knew the location of almost any book.
That persons name was Mr Sunil

9 01 2013

Hi Sudhir – hope you had a chance to see the film – and perhaps that was Mr. Sunil among the stacks! Asha

20 06 2013

I miss Premier Book Shop and Mr.Shanbagh. As a IT trainer and developer I grew in the evolution of Bangalore as an IT city. It was always a home coming to visit his shop. Sometimes it was weekly trip. I used to buy In bulk for my classes as well as some books as the latest in the filed. My children loved this shop that they wouldn’t leave within an hour. In the age when TV and computers were taking away the children’s time- my children were glued to books for a long time. They will wait to know my bill and will immediately come up with books to equate the discount Mr.Shanbagh has given me. Children have all grown and finished their graduation, but the just treasure the books they got at Premier. I might have enquired about a title which was not available then , but a month later I walk into Premier Mr.Shanbagh will greet me with his classic smile and give me a copy of the book. Mr.Sunil will just list out all the new books that have arrived after my last visit. Wow , they were amazing people. I really miss them. No book store like Premier.

1 07 2013

I remember the book shop during my school years. I have been away since 1994 and have on my occasional (visits to Bangalore) visits to MG Road driven by and always looked up the store to see if it is still there. Sad to hear that they closed. I remember every single time I visited the store for a book or two, Mr. Shanbagh would pull up the book(s) from stacks and stacks of books arranged in a order only he and his assistant(s) knew about. It was amazing. Of course, if the book was not there he would immediately ask you if he can get it for you from elsewhere. The book store will be missed.

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